ITT Discovery Series

The Discovery Series

The Discovery Series: Research on Innovation in Teaching and Technology

This seminar series directly relates to the goal in the college’s strategic plan to increase the use of research-based innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The Innovation in Teaching and Technology initiative is collaborating with the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development to co-sponsor the first seminars in this series.

November 17, 2011
Dr. Bonnie Cramond
“How Can We Measure Creativity? A Look at the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking”
3:00pm, Aderhold 631


September 29, 2011
Dr. Theodore J. Kopcha

Electronic Supervision of the Student Teacher Field Experience 
3:00pm, Aderhold 631

The field experience is an essential and critical element of teacher preparation, yet the nature of the experience is often idiosyncratic and varies greatly in quality by student, teacher, and location. eSupervision is an award-winning approach to supporting the cognitive apprenticeship that occurs during the field experience through a variety of technologies. In this session, we will learn more about what eSupervision is, why it works, and the research being conducted on it.

September 8, 2011
Dr. Mark Runco
The Academic Climate and Setting for Creativity and Innovation

3:00 pm, Aderhold 631

Dr. Runco continues his series on creativity and innovation by focusing on the academic environment. This lecture complements his first talk in the Discovery Series on individual traits and conditions to foster potential in creativity and innovation.

September 1, 2011
Takeo Higuchi
Idea Marathon System
11:00 am, Aderhold 631

Takeo Higuchi shares his innovative Idea Marathon System which has been used in many countries in both business and education. In the US, IMS has been used by the Department of Technology at the University of Virginia since 1997. Learn a new way to explore your creativity!

March 10, 2011
Dr. Mark Runco
Innovative Teaching: Implications of Creativity Research
2:00 pm, Aderhold 631

This seminar begins a discussion about what the creativity research suggests concerning innovative educators by focusing on the individual traits of innovation and creativity.
Watch the video from the first installation of the series here.


More series presentations to be announced soon!


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