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What Can Educators Learn from the Gaming Industry?

As Jordan Shapiro said at the 2014 Global Education & Skills Forum:

Games are not just about entertainment and distraction anymore. We need to approach them as a particular kind of persuasion — a particular kind of rhetoric. A particular way of looking at the world. A different way of thinking.

Well, Jordan pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Once seen as a form of entertainment or a way to pass the time, games are now becoming prevalent in every industry — particularly in education. Everyone is catching on to the fact that games are engaging. Games are addictive. Educational. Motivational. Games are powerful tools for change and learning.

But what gives games these qualities? And what can educators learn from the gaming industry that they can apply to teaching?

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Playing In The Classroom With The Ivanhoe Game

The Chronicle of Higher EducationThis past April, the University of Virginia Scholars’ Lab‘s Praxis Fellows released their practicum project, the Ivanhoe Game. Since the launch, the Fellows have dispersed for the summer: I graduated, and several others went off to visit family and friends. We all wrapped up our semesters and took a well-earned vacation, as, I hope, did mostProfHacker readers. Now, however, the fall semester quickly approaches, and the moment is ripe for renewed consideration of the Ivanhoe Game.

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