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Innovation 20/20 with Dr. Nathan Jenkins

Dr. Nathan Jenkins (KINS)
Friday, March 20, 2015
10am 631 Aderhold
“A Flipped Class Experiment (n = 1): Trial Run in an Exercise Science Course”

The ‘flipped classroom’ approach involves moving content delivery outside of the classroom, and using in-class time to focus on the information processing part of learning (synthesis of ideas, problem-solving, etc.). The method has been used for many years in some disciplines, particularly in the humanities. This presentation will provide a personal account of its implementation in an exercise science course, including summaries of what has and has not worked, and some strategies for the future.


8 Skills You Must Have To Become an eLearning Master

If you were to ask what the top must-have skills to becoming an e-learning master are, you would more than likely get a wide variety of answers. Being able to design instructional, online training courses requires some very definite skill sets. However, there are actually a few specific skills that are integral to mastering the creation of online e-learning courses.

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