Spring 2015 Academies

The Innovation in Teaching and Technology initiative is happy to announce the continuation and expansion of the ITT Faculty Academy. We will be offering two faculty academies in the spring semester. Faculty selected to participate will received a $500 stipend (for travel, materials, etc.) – there is funding for ten faculty in each academy.

Two faculty academies will be offered in the spring:

  • The K12 Edition Academy will focus on skills and strategies needed for preparing teacher candidates for today’s learning environments.
  • The Teaching Online Academy will focus on skills instructors need to teach effectively online.

Details about each academy are below. In both academies, we also strive for highly collegial, enjoyable sessions with plenty of food and conversation.

Those who complete each academy will be awarded with an ITT Faculty Academy Certificate suitable for including on a curriculum vita in the area of teaching effectiveness, and a stipend of $500 (to be used for travel, materials, etc.). Completion of the academy is marked by the successful implementation of the faculty member’s project in one of their courses and the reporting of that project. All chosen faculty must be full-time with at least 50% of their time budgeted for teaching. (Please note that most of the time faculty will spend actually working on their projects will occur outside of the scheduled seminars, however ITT/OIT staff will provide 1-1 assistance as requested).

How to apply:

To apply, simply send an email to Lloyd Rieber with the following information:

  • Indicate which academy you are applying to: 1) K12 Edition; or 2) Teaching Online.
  • Name & rank (or position).
  • Department and program affiliation.
  • Confirmation that you are budgeted for at least 50% for instruction.
  • Confirmation of your intent to attend all of the scheduled ITT Academy Sessions.*

*If you are only able to attend three of the four sessions, you are still encouraged to apply. However, preference will be given to those faculty who can attend all four. Also, we anticipate high demand for both academies, therefore, even representation among departments will be among the criteria in the selection process.

Faculty who successfully complete either ITT Academy will be expected to share their projects and their design stories with other faculty at the 2015-2016 COE Innovation in Teaching Conference, currently scheduled for October 23, 2015. It is also hoped that these faculty will choose to become mentors to other faculty at future ITT academy offerings. The call for applications will remain open through Wednesday, January 14 with the selection of faculty announced by Friday, January 16.





The purpose of the ITT Academy: K12 Edition is to provide support and training to faculty to enhance their teaching with innovative instructional strategies supported with technology, with a specific focus on preparing teacher candidates for today’s learning environments. This academy will be led by Gretchen Thomas.

The faculty selected for the ITT Academy: K12 Edition will identify and work on a project which is then implemented in one of the courses they teach. Four 3-hour seminars will be held during which a range of design ideas and technologies will be presented, discussed, and explored. Chosen faculty need to commit to attending all four sessions (although if slots remain open, we will then consider faculty who can attend at least three of the four).

Although the curriculum of the academy will be flexible, here are the main topics we’re planning on including:

  • Inside the Classroom: BYOD, 1:1, IWBs, UDL, Assistive Technology, Maker Spaces, and Genius Hour.
  • Outside the Classroom: flipped learning, online learning, Skype and Google Hangouts, online texts and other resources.
  • Beyond the Classroom: professional learning networks, Edcamps, funding sources, model programs.

**sessions will include guests from K12 Georgia schools and a field trip to a local school will be planned. On-going assistance will also be given to academy members as requested during the semester and continuing through project implementation. Faculty will also be asked to read several national reports and articles about integrating technology into K12 classrooms.

The ITT Academy sessions will be held from 12 – 3 p.m. on the following Fridays in Aderhold Hall: January 23, February 13, February 27, and March 20.



This academy focuses on the topic of how to teach effectively online. This includes those skills related to “instructor readiness” (preparing to teach an already developed online course) and all aspects teaching the online course (management, student engagement, evaluation).

ITT will again be collaborating with UGA’s Office of Online Learning (OOL) in offering the Teaching Online Academy. OOL staff will lead most of the sessions based on their experience helping faculty across UGA to teach online well.

Note: This academy will not focus on how to design and develop online courses, but rather how to teach courses that have already been developed for online delivery. For example, it is now common for faculty to be assigned to teach an online course developed previously by other faculty.

The ITT Academy sessions will be held from 12 – 3 p.m. on the following Thursdays in River’s Crossing: January 22, February 12, February 26, and March 19.


Lloyd Rieber, Director
Gretchen Thomas, Assistant Director
Innovation in Teaching and Technology

ITT Web site
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