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Dr. Lloyd Rieber, Director

Lloyd Rieber
Dr. Lloyd Rieber, director

Dr. Rieber wears many hats at UGA, but his most recent donning is that of Director of the new initiative in the College of Education to promote, recognize and foster innovation in teaching and technology. He lives in the countryside with his wife and many animals. He is often recognized as outstanding in his field.

Gretchen Thomas, Assistant Director

Gretchen Thomas
Gretchen Thomas, assistant director

Gretchen Thomas is the Assistant Director of ITT and teaches at the College of Education.

Larry McCalla

Larry McCalla
Larry McCalla, graduate assistant

Larry is working toward a PhD in the Learning, Design, & Technology program in the College of Education. He is interested in minimizing extraneous cognitive load in learning environments via research, development, and service. Larry is excited about this opportunity to meet with faculty and to identify ways of combining teaching with technology to create innovative and effective learning environments. He maintains a website that links to his recent portfolio and other work.

Si Zhang

Si Zhang
Si Zhang, graduate assistant

Si is a doctoral student in the Language and Literacy Program and is studying digital literacy for her dissertation work.

Yang Liu

Yang Liu
Yang Liu, graduate assistant

Yang is a doctoral student in the Learning, Technology, and Design program at UGA.

The OIT Team

Please follow this link for more information about the Office of Information Technology (OIT) team.


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