Fall 2014 Review

ITT Fall 2014 ReviewNow that the fall 2014 semester has ended and we all begin our planning to teach in the spring, ITT would like to say thank you to some folks that helped make it a great semester!

“It’s the Little Things” Innovation 20/20 with Dr. April Galyardt  talks course design for an introductory statistics graduate level course, and explains the importance of misconceptions, concept maps, course preparation, authentic practice, project-based assessments, formative feedback, rubrics – watch near the end of the video for a good book recommendation! In the second Innovation 20/20 this semester, Dr. Ilse Mason presents “Online walking: from Oxymoron to Reality” , a close look at how a traditionally taught physical education class was transformed into a mostly online class, with special attention towards feedback and accountability. We’re so happy to have these two great new videos to add to the collection of Innovation 20/20s!

Throughout the semester, two groups of faculty members get together to explore ideas for improving teaching and learning, and to consider what innovation might look like in their own classes. From online course design and development to the “essentials” topics such as Web 2.0 tools, online learning, video/audio production, and mobile learning. We had an incredible group of faculty this semester, and we all engaged in fun, spirited storytelling and discussion as we examined the latest trends and issues surrounding innovative teaching methods. These academies are collaborative, drawing participants from all departments within the college of education and the office of online learning. It’s where ideas cross-pollinate and where the magic happens! So, thank you to the fall semester’s participants, and please consider coming back once in a while to share an idea or two with the rest of us!

Fall 2014 marked Innovation and Teaching and Technology’s 1st annual Innovation in Teaching Conference at the College of Education. This event was a big collaboration between so many faculty members here at the college, and we are so grateful for your contributions. The keynote speaker, Dr. Larry Johnson, chief executive officer for the New Media Consortium, delivered a well-received talk about the evolution of the modern university in the context of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the technologies, networks, software, and systems of society. We are already planning for next year’s conference and reviewing and seeking your feedback so that we can make it even better!

Finally, we’re happy to be offering more direct support for innovative teaching (big and small) to faculty. Many of our initial requests have been to help faculty navigate the world of online learning and specifically building courses via the eLC. However, we are here to help faculty with any request to try something a little new and perhaps a little daring. All it takes is a faculty member’s request – a short email to Lloyd will do – for support in this area, and we are now able to provide a graduate assistant that will work with you 1-1 on a short-term basis.

It’s been a big fall 2014! We hope you all are having a great holiday break and we look forward to seeing you in 2015!


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