The Faculty Academy Spring 2014 Session 2 – Online Learning

The Faculty AcademyA special guest will be Dr. Keith Bailey, Director of UGA’s Office of Online Learning. We are thrilled to have Dr. Bailey join us and I know that the faculty will enjoy meeting him and hearing what he has to say. I know that everyone is very busy, so if you cannot stay for the entire session, I will understand completely.

1:00 pm

Session begins in 618 Aderhold.

Enjoy pizza and start session slowly with relaxed tone.

Introduction of guests

Lloyd begins with opening presentation about trends in Higher Education (using latest Horizon Report) and fundamentals of online teaching and learning. He might also show one or two technology skills based on topics covered in the first academy session.

1:45 pm

Introduce Dr. Keith Bailey, Director of UGA’s Office of Online Learning, and give him the floor for about 20 minutes. Allow about 10 minutes for Q&A/discussion. (This should segue well into the next topic.)

2:15 pm

Lloyd distributes two handouts (attached): “The Phases of Teaching Online” and “Lloyd’s Essential Advice for Developing Online Teaching Resources”

Lloyd leads discussion based on these documents. Everyone’s comments are appreciated based on your own experiences — don’t feel like you have to agree with Lloyd.

3:00 pm


3:10 pm

Give floor to Jeff, Nic, and Peter to talk about their role as support staff for online teaching in the college. They should plan on about 30 minutes and organize this time as they wish to address group on topics they feel are most important. (Note: Jeff’s previous presentations on using a template for developing new online courses has been well received and is recommended.)

If time permits…

-Lloyd demonstrates some of his online courses.

-Lloyd presents and demonstrates his MOOC (“Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals”)

-Demonstrations of eLC-new

-Technical demonstratons (e.g. Camtasia, ScreenFlow).


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