ITT Technology Workshop on Using the Google Suite of Tools in Teaching

All Things Google: The Fundamentals
February 3 (Monday), Noon, 64 River’s Crossing

This session will introduce people to all things Google with specific examples of how to use the Google suite of tools in your teaching. The Google suite is large, so this session will just get you started. Here are the tools/technologies that we’ll introduce:

  • Collaborative writing using Google docs
  • Forms/Spreadsheets (great for quick student surveys)
  • Presentation
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Hangouts
  • Sites

You need to have a google email account to access these technologies. To get one, just go to the following web site:

It would be helpful to know who will be attending, if only to make sure that enough handouts are made. Just email Lloyd Rieber <> to let him know if you will there (and indicate which session).

Either Lloyd Rieber or Larry McCalla will conduct these two workshops.

Lloyd Rieber <>
Director, Innovation in Teaching and Technology

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