ITT Technology Workshops for Spring, 2014

ITT Technology Workshops for Spring, 2014
This semester the Innovation in Teaching and Technology initiative is pleased to announce a series of workshops to introduce various technologies to COE instructors. These workshops are meant for COE faculty, instructors, and graduate teaching assistants with teaching assignments.

Below is a list of technologies the ITT staff have identified as being useful and relevant to the COE teaching community. We can’t offer all of these, so we are looking for input on what you are most interested in seeing us offer, and for identifying those technologies that we missed in our list below. Also — and this is very important —

we need your help in offering these workshops: People who have experience using these (and other) technologies effectively in the teaching are strongly encouraged to contact Lloyd <> with the offer to co-present with him and/or other ITT/OIT staff. Seeing how some of the COE community is currently use these technologies in their teaching is critical to successfully integrating them into COE instruction.

• Docs
• Forms/Spreadsheets
• Presentations
• YouTube
• Hangouts
• Sites


• Desktop/Laptop/Mobile apps that help teachers with classroom organization and management.
• Dropbox
• Evernote
• Qualtrics (good for teachers and researchers)

• Camtasia
• Captivate
• Edmodo
• Creating YouTube videos with captions
• Using eLC more effectively with teacher created materials

• LiveCode
• Scratch
• AppInventor


Again, the decision on what workshops to offer will be influenced greatly by the interest expressed and the attendance of those offered first. Send email to Lloyd <> now to let him know what you most want or need, and don’t be shy in offering to help if you are already an experienced user.

That said, here are those workshops that we have committed to offering:

[Look for individual announcements/descriptions of all of the following later on COE FYI]

January 23, Noon, Aderhold Hall (Room TBA)
January 28, Noon, River’s Crossing (Room TBA)Learning to Code: What's All the Fuss About?
Learning to Code: What’s all the Fuss About?
-This may seem like a strange choice, but with the emphasis on STEM education, many believe learning to program should be an essential part of the K-12 experience. Lloyd will demonstrate a free, powerful computer programming environment called LiveCode. (Lloyd has two apps in the Apple App Store that he built with LiveCode. But, it’s also very suitable for middle school and high school students to learn.)

January 23, 2 pm, Aderhold Hall (Room TBA)
January 28, 2 pm, River’s Crossing (Room TBA)Using SMART Boards in F2F COE Teaching
Using SMART Boards in F2F COE Teaching
-Gosh, we’ve had SMART Board in Aderhold for many years now, so why aren’t we using them?

January 30, Noon, Aderhold Hall (Room TBA)
February 3, Noon, River’s Crossing (Room TBA)All Things Google: The Fundamentals
All Things Google: The Fundamentals
-This workshop is meant for those people who haven’t quite made the plunge into the wonderful world of the Google suite of tools. A more advanced version of this workshop will likely be offered later in the semester.

January 30, 2 pm, Aderhold Hall (Room TBA)
February 3, 2 pm, River’s Crossing (Room TBA)
Qualtrics for Teaching (and Research)
Qualtrics for Teaching (and Research)
-You’ve heard of Qualtrics and probably thought it was only meant for resesarchers. Well, it is also a powerful tool for teachers. (Qualtrics is free to UGA faculty, but you must request an account. We can help you with this.)

Sometime in February, Aderhold Hall (Room & Date TBA)
Sometime in February, River’s Crossing (Room Date TBA)
Using Camtasia to Create Instructor Presentations
Using Camtasia to Create Instructor Presentations
-Learn how to record a narrated PPT, convert it to a YouTube video, add captions, and add it to your eLC course. Camtasia is one of the easiest video capture/editing/distribution tools on the market. And it’s one of the least expensive.

Our apologies to those in the COE community who work in Ramsey. We are simply limited in our ability to cover all the COE locations. However, we are happy to offer any of the above workshops at Ramsey if a group of five or more request it and commit to attending.

Lloyd Rieber <>
Director, Innovation in Teaching and Technology

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