Innovation 20/20 Session — October 17 (Thursday), 2 pm, 631 Aderhold — Deanna Cozart on “Facilitating Personalized Learning in Online and Large Classes”

Innovation 20/20 SeriesPlease join us for 20 minutes of presentation, followed by 20 minutes of discussion time.

Deanna Cozart
Social Foundations of Education
ETAP, Educational Theory and Policy

Thursday, October 17, Thursday
2 pm, 631 Aderhold

“Facilitating Personalized Learning in Online and Large Classes”


In my courses, we consider how individual views on diversity influence what you do in the classroom, how your teaching practice creates possibilities to further opportunities for disenfranchised groups, and finally how the issues discussed in class can expand your understanding of diversity and the possibilities for change. This is no small task, particularly in online and large classes (greater than 30 students) where there is limited instructor-student interaction. In this session, I will demonstrate specific strategies that I have found helpful in online and large classes to get students more invested and involved with the course content and facilitate more meaningful learning experiences.

We will be recording the presentation part of this session, and will post the video on our Web site.

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Innovation 20/20 speaker schedule.



To view video recordings of past sessions, go to the Innovation in Teaching and Technology Web site:

Click on the “Innovation 20/20” icon in the top left corner of the screen.

(These presentations are included in UGA’s YouTube channel.)


Nominate someone to do an Innovation 20/20 session!

Anyone can be nominated – faculty, students, and staff – to conduct an Innovation 20/20 session. Each session consists of 20 minutes of presentation, followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

While it is difficult to pin down what is meant exactly by “innovative teaching,” here are are a few guidelines. Nominees should be more than just good teachers. They are people who take some risks and try new things. They are also people who are known to use one or more unique innovative strategies consistently as part of their teaching repertoire.

The focus is squarely on “innovation in teaching,” but if some attention is given to how technology makes the teaching innovation possible or feasible, all the better.

To submit a nomination, send the following information to Lloyd Rieber

*Name and email of the nominee

*Nominee’s department and/or program

*Short explanation of why you are nominating this person (e.g. in what way is the person innovative in his/her teaching)

Self-nominations are also accepted, but priority will be given to people nominated by others.

Innovation in Teaching & Technology
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Larry McCalla, Graduate Assistant
234 Aderhold, College of Education

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