Innovation 20/20 with Dr. Sylvia Nogueron-Liu

Dr. Sylvia Nogueron-Liu
“Life after Teaching with Tech #EpicFail Moments: The Paper/Screen Balancing Act”


In this presentation, I will share my rationale and theoretical foundations to engage students in the use of digital tools in courses related to literacy instruction. My goals usually include the critical examination of such tools, as well as dialogue and reflection about the affordances of technology in the classroom. Implementing these goals requires hands-on experience in both face-to-face and online interaction, as we navigate and try out applications and online platforms. I have found that an important part of this process is to carefully examine those moments when things just don’t work. Or when we can’t make them work. I will share some insights on the shifts in my instruction and planning after debriefing and troubleshooting, as I try to maintain a balance and well-informed choice of print-based and screen-based activities and materials.


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