Open Invitation to Attend Friday’s ITT Faculty Academy Session (618 Aderhold, 1-4 pm; RSVP Requested): Online Learning Essentials

The Faculty Academy
The Faculty Academy

On Friday from 1-4 pm in Room 618 Aderhold, we will be conducting the second of four sessions to support the Innovation in Teaching and Technology (ITT) Fall Faculty Academy. We have ten COE faculty participating in the academy. However, each academy session is also open to others in the college who might be interested in the topics we’re discussing. If you would like to join us, please just send me an email at <> to let me know you are coming to help in my planning (and to help me know how much food to order).

The topic of Friday’s session is online learning essentials. We will consider the many skills and phases involved in the design, development, evaluation, and implementation of online learning primarily from the point of view of the teacher.
Dr. Michael Orey, one of the college’s leading experts in online teaching, will also be participating.
Here is the schedule of the two remaining sessions:
–March 22 – Using Video
–April 5 — Mobile Learning
Of course, we will be exploring various teaching ideas, design strategies, tools, and technologies throughout the academy, largely in response to participant ideas and discussions.
We’d love to have other COE faculty and instructors join us on Friday. Again, just email me if you plan on coming (to make sure I order enough food).
Lloyd Rieber,
Director, Innovation in Teaching and Technology

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