Open Invitation to Attend Friday’s ITT Faculty Academy Session RSVP requested

The Faculty Academy
The Faculty Academy

Dear COE Community,

On Friday from 1-4 pm in Room 618 Aderhold, we will be conducting the first of four sessions to support the Innovation in Teaching and Technology (ITT) Spring 2013 Faculty Academy. We have 10 COE faculty participating in the academy. However, each academy session is also open to others in the college who might be interested in the topics we’re discussing. If you would like to join us, please just send me an email at <> to let me know you are coming to help in my planning.

Here is some background information…

Each session will be divided into three parts:

  • Design Corner
  • Technology Corner
  • Hands-On Time

Among the design issues we will consider on Friday include some basic principles from a studio-based teaching approach and instructional design (both are courses that I teach). I will also briefly discuss some of the conclusions, predictions, and implications of several national reports that impact the future of the teaching mission of universities.

The technology we will be exploring on Friday is the suite of Google Tools. We also will take a few minutes to introduce a few other Web 2.0 tools, such as Pinterest, a pinboard-style photo/graphic sharing website that has gained much popularity over the past few months.

Time will be set aside during each session for hands-on time to work on projects, explore technology tools, and have conversations about innovative teaching with technology.

Remaining academy sessions are scheduled for the following dates and topics — all Fridays — from 1-4 pm:

  • February 15 – Online Learning Essentials
  • March 22 – Using Video
  • April 5 — Mobile Learning

We will also orient folks to the SMART Technology throughout the academy sessions.

Of course, we will be exploring various teaching ideas, design strategies, tools, and technologies throughout the academy, largely in response to participant ideas and discussions.

We’d love to have other faculty join us on Friday. Again, just email me if you plan on coming (to make sure I order enough pizza).

Lloyd Rieber,
Director, Innovation in Teaching and Technology


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