Joseph Pate – Innovation 20/20 series

“Student Engagement through Choice, Curiosity, and Interest: The Implicit Connections of Learning”


Joseph Pate – February 4, 2011

Pate offers ideas to trouble common pedagogical practice by resituating the traditional role of the teacher towards both students and content (Palmer, 1997).  Based on the philosophical tenets of Experiential Education and concepts such as the “Student Directed Classroom” (Warren, 1988) the relationships between content, student, and instructor are re-cast through intentional curricular decisions, course expectations and their corresponding assignments, and learning outcomes.  This presentation highlights how innovative and creative course outcomes can emerge from a course focused on  student choice, curiosity, and interest.  The implicit connections required for learning to occur reclaim a primary space in the classroom ethos. Further resources: course syllabus, link to inspiring video on divergent thinkers.


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